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AIBT - Art Images by Trish



I can remember as a child in kindergarten being introduced to my first box of Crayola crayons! I knew something exciting was about to happen by the way the teacher told us to be patient and not to open the box of crayons until everyone had a box on their desk.  There was a surge of excitement in the class as she passed out the boxes! 

Once they all were passed out, the teacher then told us to open the box of Crayola crayons!  To my surprise, it was like a whole new world had opened up before my eyes.  

The smell of the crayons, the vibrant colors, and the feel of the crayons in my hand.  At that moment, I had an instant connection that marked the beginning of a lifelong journey into a world of creativity and the discovering of a gift that I was naturally born with.

Throughout the years I continued to work on my skills and learned new techniques and experimented with different mediums to create with. Thus, building and expanding on the various ways in which I can utilize my art. 

Today, my art has become a business for me.  It has opened doors for me to create artwork for homes, businesses and to hold art exhibits. ​

My commitment to the Arts has led me to support the arts through sponsorship, participation, and advocating for the Arts.


Columbus Commons Virtual Art Screen Display "Angel Wings"

During the start of this Pandemic I pondered on the changes on how it's affecting not only me but overall the world. I've had two family members that fought this virus and pulled through it, thank goodness!

But, I can't help but think of those who immune systems wasn't strong enough to fight the virus off. I also think of those that work in healthcare who help nurse and encouraging them to pull through.

With all that said, It moved me to create an art piece titled, "Angel Wings". I created this artwork in honor of those who fought the battle from the virus until they couldn't fight anymore and for those in the health care field (the earth Angels) who continue to stand by and nurse other patients through this pandemic.

This is for you! - Trish🎨

*My artwork will be shown on the screen from October 19 thru November 1, 2020 in rotation with other Artists!

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DeDe in the Morning Radio Artist Spotlight

I had the opportunity to be a featured Artist on the Dallas Texas, Syndicated radio show "DeDe in the Morning", with host DeDe McGuire. Each Thursday, a black owned business  or /and Artist is featured on the show to share what their business is about. You can tune in to my radio interview by clicking on the button below.

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Feathers & Fur Virtual Art Gallery

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic and the social distance measurements enforced, this years Art Exhibit titled "Feathers and Fur" can be seen virtually on the Art Images by Trish YouTube channel by clicking on the button below.

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Egyptian Art Collection

There are so many fascinating and historical places in this great big work! Some places near enough where we can travel a short distance and then there are the ones that are too far and expensive to travel to that some of us may never have the opportunity to visit. 

This is where my next art project comes in. I've started on a set of artwork called "the Egyptian  Collection". It will display historic and some sacred items from a time in Egypts when Pharoaha and Queens ruled. 

I'm currently studying this time period and a few of its artifact with the goal to capture some of their essence on canvas. 

These artworks (depending on how many created will either be sold privately as a set or placed on exhibit via gallery.

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