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I can remember as a child in kindergarten being introduced to my first box of Crayola crayons! I knew something exciting was about to happen by the way the teacher told us students to be patient and not to open the box of crayons until everyone had a box on their desk.  There was a surge of excitement in the class as she passed out the boxes! 

Once we all received our box of crayons on our desk, the teacher then told us to open the box of Crayola crayons!  To my surprise it was like a whole new world had opened up before my eyes.  

The smell of the crayons, the vibrant colors and the feel of the crayons in my hand.  At that moment, I had an instant connections that would be the beginning of a life long journey into a world of creativity and the discovering of a gift that I was naturally born with.

Throughout the years I continued to work on my skills and learned new techniques and experimented with different medias to create with. This building and expanding on the various ways  in which I can utilize my art. 

Today, my art has become a business for me.  It has opened doors for me to creating  artwork for homes, businesses and to hold art exhibits. ‚Äč

I've joined various art organizations in the State of Ohio as an Affiliated Artist such as the Ohio Art League, Columbus Makes Art/Art Makes Columbus and the Ohio Arts Council. My commitment to the Arts has led me to support the arts through sponsorship, participation and advocating for the Arts.


Feathers and Fur Virtual Art Gallery

Due  to the Corona Virus Pandemic and the social distance measurements enforced,  this years Art Exhibit titled "Feathers and Fur" can be seen virtually on the Art Images by Trish YouTube channel  at the following link -> Virtual Art Gallery

Angel Wings

This Corona Virus is something I could never have imagine happening. A world wide pandemic or plandemic (to each his/her own view). I think everyone has their own thoughts about the issue at hand.  I've heard Bio-chemical warfare, religious war, or even a distraction of what's really going on behind the scenes by the powers that be. All lives have been effected. Some even to the point of death. This has its effect on me personally as I reflect on all that's happening with the lifestyle changes in working from home, trying to find the essentials with food and toilet paper, family members catching the virus and most important having to conform to wearing a face mask in hopes of preventing from catching or unawares spreading the virus. 

Regarding those who are considered essential workers that have to be out in the forefront such as in the case of medical workers, I consider them "Angels". They're risking their own lives. They are living angels helping to ease the pain and suffering of  those afflicted with the virus. Some people have overcome the physical effects of the virus, and  there are some whose immune system for one reason or another couldn't overcome the effects of the virus.

This has brought me to create an art piece titled "Angel Wings".  My personal belief is we all have guardian angels, and they're helping us all to walk through this journey called life all the way to the end. And those of essential workers in the healthcare , you physical 'Angels' this one's for you!

Redemption Art Exhibit

The Secretary Treasurer of Ohio had a call for artwork from Artists to submit artwork(s) depicting the theme "Redemption" and what it meant to us personally. Well,  it's been said, "you want something different then you have to do something you've never done before". 

This was my very first piece of artwork that showed just that. Something different out my usual style of artwork.  I wanted to convey the freedom of bondage whether it's mental, physical or spiritual. It was no right or wrong way to view the artwork for viewers. This artwork is titled, Time Redeemed!